Best Antique Diamond Ring Settings

e80222-round-white_1__1Antique diamond rings are always a dream come true ring for most people, especially girls. They are really unique and intricate that will turn the heads of many. The details of some popular antique diamond rings are given below. You can design your rings taking inspiration from these antique diamond ring settings and styles.
Georgian Two-Row Diamond Coronet Cluster Ring

Original Georgian vintage rings are made of silver and gold and packed so close in order to reflect the candlelight. These antique rings are really rare and are very expensive. Hence, only a few people will be lucky enough to own this beauty.

Georgian Diamond and Sapphire Double Heart Cluster Ring

This ring looks exactly like a heart and is best for your engagement day. You can communicate your feelings to your better half through this timeless beauty, without any words. Note that you must take this ring off whenever you are doing any strenuous physical activities as they are really delicate.

Edwardian Diamond Coronet Cluster Ring

In this style, the ring looks like a beautiful blingy flower because the Edwardian era was inspired by flowers. Even though gold was the most preferred metal, platinum was also used here. Here, the diamonds were cut by people, and hence, it will not give exactly the same brilliance of current diamonds but are beautiful.

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