Attractive Designs for Heart Shape Diamond Rings

Attractive Designs for Heart Shape Diamond Rings

In fact, no other diamond shapes can be more romantic and meaningful than a heart shape, which can beautifully symbolize the eternal love between a couple. Some of the dreamy heart shape diamond rings that you may consider for your engagement are given below.

Solitaire Heart Diamond Ring

This is one of the simplest and most elegant diamond ring designs that any bride would yearn for. Here, a heart shaped diamond is flaunted at the center of a platinum band and is secured by means of prongs. Additionally, a V-prong is also used here in order to protect the pointed edge of the gemstone.

Halo Heart Diamond Ring

Halo settings are always in vogue, and heart shape diamond rings beautified using a halo can take things to the next level. In this design, a heart diamond is displayed at the center of a rose gold ring. Additionally, it is surrounded by a halo of melee diamonds, and the diamond ring band is paved with accent stones to offer the best bling.

Colorful Heart Shape Diamond Rings

This is one of the perfect options for brides who love a tinge of color in their sparkler, which they’ll probably wear throughout life. In one of the popular designs, a blue colored heart diamond is secured at the center of a platinum ring using traditional prong settings.

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