Aspects to Take Note of While Buying Diamond Heart Shaped Rings

Aspects to Take Note of While Buying Diamond Heart Shaped Rings

No wonder, diamond heart shaped rings are perfect choices for an engagement or an anniversary gift. When selecting one for either occasion, the below guide will help you make an informed buying decision.

Size is Important in Heart-Shaped Diamonds

People go for fancy cut diamonds owing to its unique outline and shape. So, it is best to select a heart shaped diamond ring with a bigger carat weight than 0.50cts. If the diamond is extremely small, its outline will be tough to make out. If the stone is mounted on a ring band, the claws cover up more of the metal surface. So, small heart-shaped diamonds might not be as appealing as larger ones on diamond heart shaped rings with prong setting.

Ideal Selection of the Setting

A usual ring setting requires four claws that hold the gemstone in place and a V-shaped claw for protecting the pointed tip. Bezel setting is an ideal choice for the heart-shaped engagement rings since they offer more protection besides making the diamond stand out.

For a diamond that is smaller than half a carat, a setting with one apiece prong on lobes and a V-shaped tip is adequate. Otherwise, too much of metal covering the center stone will make the metal band overwhelming.

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