Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Pave Diamond Ring Band

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Pave Diamond Ring Band

A pave diamond ring band is a classy choice for an engagement or wedding. This type of ring usually consists of a number of paved diamonds in it, and because of this, there are certain factors you should know while buying pave diamond rings.

Loose Stones

Even if one diamond on the ring is lost, it will affect the complete look of the ring. Hence, make sure that the stones are held securely in place while choosing a pave diamond ring band.


Run your fingers over the ring and check whether any paved diamonds are misaligned or out of place. This may be caused due to improper settings of the diamonds.

Prongs Setting

Check using a loupe whether the prongs sit in the right position. If in case the prongs tips are too high, then it might catch on hair or clothes and get easily damaged upon accidental hits.

Damaged Diamonds

While setting pave diamonds, there is a chance that diamonds may get damaged or broken. Look it through a magnifying glass and check whether no stones are cracked, chipped, or damaged.

Prong Size

Prong size is a factor that influences the aesthetic looks of the ring. If it is too big, it might overshadow the diamonds and if it is too small then stones will not be held securely in the ring.

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