An Ultimate Guide to Shallow Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Hence, you can buy a diamond ring of decent size at an affordable budget range. A shallow cut diamond is also known as spread diamond.

In shallow cut diamond rings, the depth of the gemstones will be less when compared to other gemstones. You can see it clearly if you look through it. Similarly, this type of diamonds will look wider when viewed from the top as well. This additional width for diamonds is achieved by reducing its depth.

The main advantage of choosing shallow cut diamond engagement rings is that the shallower the cuts are, the cheaper the price goes. That is, the bigger the appeal of gemstones, the cheaper will be its price. However, this comes with a price – the brilliance and fire of shallow cut diamonds will be low when compared to ideal cut diamonds.

Here, the light entering the gemstone tends to leak out rather than reflecting back because of its unique cuts. Hence, shallow cut diamond rings will not be a great option for people who give priority to the sparkle of their engagement rings.

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