An Ultimate Guide to Promise Diamond Rings

There are many situations where people confuse diamond promise rings with diamond engagement rings.

For instance, if you are not ready for a commitment, but would like to express your feelings towards someone, a promise ring will be a good option. However, it is recommended to avoid big diamond promise rings in this case or anything that could resemble an engagement ring. Otherwise, she may think that you are officially proposing to her and it may hurt her feelings when you clear the misunderstanding.

Actually, the tradition of gifting promise diamond rings is dated back to centuries, although big diamond promise rings became really popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras. Today, there are many ways to design a diamond promise ring such as embellishing it with diamonds, unique patterns, and engraving beautiful poems, names, and quotes on it. However, a key thing to note when designing one is that a diamond promise ring is a symbol of commitment that borders within a romantic relationship, unlike chastity and friendship diamond rings.

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