An Overview of 3 Stone Diamond Rings

In fact, the three stones represent a balance of the different design elements used in the ring making it a preferred choice than other ring designs.

Essentially 3 stone diamonds engagement rings contains three identical or different diamonds placed on the ring. Usually, the center diamond will be larger with the rest two smaller. However, some ring designs also contain equal sized diamonds set side by side to form an array of sparkling stones. Some of the ring designs have variations in the diamond used as the side stones that differ from the cut of the center stone.

3 stone diamond rings are known for their symbolic value. The three stones set on the ring symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship. For this reason alone, many buyers opt for 3 stone rings for gifting to their partners during their anniversary. Moreover, 3 stone rings not only symbolizes romantic love but also friendship and commitment.

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