Adding Value to your Diamonds

Adding Value to your Diamonds

Following are a couple of things to focus on if you want to make your ring remarkable. Note that diamond ring grades are also important.






Not all diamond labs are created equal, and so it is understandable if some keep their grading process stricter than others do. The more lenient labs are prone to over-grade your stone and tell you its worth a lot, but that is subjective. It is still a lower value diamond than the certificate says.

Labs like Gemological Institute of America (GIA), on the other hand, can provide certification that is reliable as bread. You may have to pay slightly more to get a certificate from GIA, but it is worth it.


When choosing your diamond, do not settle for one of what is commonly known as commercially white diamonds. They fall somewhere between the H and I colors. For higher value, you will want to look at something that falls between D and G. The sparkle and brightness will remain the same, of course.

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