Adding Small but Thoughtful Touches to your Proposal

There are many things to consider when proposing to your loved one, aside from whether or not she will like the 1 carat diamond promise ring that you are getting her. While the choice of ring is a huge factor, there are several other smaller thoughts as well that you should be paying attention to.

The Location

You do not propose to someone every day, so make it count the one time you are doing it. It can be all the more memorable if you have a good location as a backdrop.


Making Her Feel Special

Every girl has dreamt of being treated like a princess, and you can make yours feel like one by paying attention to the small details, such as the wording of the proposal, the way you look at her when you are down on one knee, and how you react when she says yes.

Keeping it Fun

It is allowed to have your fun when you are proposing, and a good idea to let her have some as well. If you are out of ideas, set up a treasure hunt with the diamond ring being the final prize.

You can also have her favorite music playing in the background, and if she is a fan of rainbow roses, then make sure you have some in the present.

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