Adding a Diamond to a Ring to Change the Look

It is not financially possible for most people to purchase different diamond rings every time they get sick of theirs. People get bored with their outdated settings and that makes sense! However, you can always update the look of ring with different methods that might help you save some of your money. Below are some smart tips on setting the diamonds and other methods to change the look of your ring.

Halo Setting

e80054-oval-white_1_-1Halo is always in vogue. Give your diamond ring a different and enhanced look by using a halo setting. Here, the center diamond is surrounded by numerous tiny diamonds. This setting will improve the look of your outdated ring and will bring more sparkle.



Change the Bands

If you cannot afford to add the extra diamond to your ring, you can just simply62902_w_ld change the shank of your ring to give it a new look. If you want to make your ring look bigger, go for a delicate band. Note only that, you can try to use platinum metal for thinner bands for better durability.

Change the Settings

The setting of your ring plays an important role in its look. Update the setting of your rings. It is better to choose bezel setting, as they are the safest option. Here, your diamond will be bordered completely with the metal keeping it safe from falling out and from being caught in your clothes or other things.

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