About Diamond Vintage Type Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings do not follow any convention in terms of design or material. The name originated in the US in the year 1930, when cocktails were illegal under the prohibition laws. In other countries, these rings were called ‘dress rings’ because they were meant for impressing observers on special occasions. In the beginning, the diamond cocktail ring vintage type was worn to show off a wearer’s wealth, with most centerpieces having a 3-carat stone or larger.

When buying a vintage type cocktail ring, the best metal choices are platinum and white gold band. Even though in the earlier times these rings were seen mostly with diamond stones, these days you can buy a vintage type cocktail ring with garnet, citrine, blue topaz, or tourmaline accents on it.

Nowadays, cocktail rings are limited in choice due to lower availability of large gemstones, which are the main feature of this type of ring. However, the possibilities are rising due to new innovative techniques. For instance, precious metals can be shaped into a new form and set with micro pave gemstones. This means that large centerpieces are not necessary anymore, as smaller closely set stones can mimic the look of an overall larger one.

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