A Valuable Guide on How to Buy a Diamond Ring

Most people often confuse diamond shapes with diamond cuts, although the two are different aspects of a diamond.

The Difference between a Diamond Cut and Shape

The shape of a diamond describes the outline of the stone when it is viewed. The most famous diamond shape by far is round, and hence, it is comparatively less expensive because it is readily available. Some other diamond shapes are pear, rectangle, oval, heart, etc. With various shapes, you can change the overall look of your diamond ring.

The cuts in a diamond refer the way in which the facets of the stone are arranged. The most common facet arrangement is of 57 or 58 facets that are ideally seen in round brilliant cut diamonds. Some other diamond cuts include emerald cut and radiant cut. It is the quality of the cut, that determines the capacity of the gemstone to interact with the light, and hence, the cutting style affects the sparkle of the wedding diamond ring.

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