A Look into Some of the Record Breaking Gemstones

A Look into Some of the Record Breaking Gemstones

With time, diamond jewelry like the 5-carat princess cut diamond ring becomes more and more expensive. Below are a few cases where diamonds and sapphires broke the previous records.


The Pink Star

The Pink Star holds the record for the costliest diamond ever sold. It was sold at a whopping $71.2 million in April 2017 in Hong Kong. The Pink Star weighs 59.6 carats and is quite magnificent.

The Pink Star was mined in Africa in 1999, and it weighed 132.5 carats back then. The diamond is the world’s largest Fancy Vivid Pink diamond and has officially received the best grades in terms of clarity as well as color.

Blue Belle of Asia

The Blue Belle of Asia is the most expensive blue sapphire ever. It weighs 392.52 carats and it was sold at a rate of $17.7 million at an auction back in 2014 at Christie’s in Geneva.

The precious gem was discovered from a paddy field in Sri Lanka in 1926. It was later cut and polished before being sold to British Motor Magnate Lord.

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