A Look at the Truly Wonderful Opal

Opal is a classy gemstone on all accounts, and along with tourmaline, is one of the birthstones for the month of October. It is striking for carrying different shades within it and is famous for its brightness, as well as the ability to split light into the rainbow colors. If you are planning to buy a gold opal diamond ring anytime soon, rest assured it is probably worth what you pay for it.

‘Opal’ comes from ‘Upala’ in Sanskrit, which means “valuable stone”. There is also the Greek word ‘opallios’, which means ‘color change’. Opal basically clumps the best features of many other gemstones, such as the color of amethyst, the intensity of sapphire, the fire of ruby, and the sparkle of the diamond. All of that comes together to create a unique effect inside a single opal stone.

Close to all the mining of opal in the world takes place in Australia. The rest comes in from New South Wales, Queensland, and other places. Brazil is famous for producing white opal, while the crystal and fire opal found in Mexico is a dream for connoisseurs around the world. Since 2008, Ethiopia has become a major producer of this stone.

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