A Look at the Captivating Asscher Cut

A Look at the Captivating Asscher Cut

However, these days a 1.5 carat Asscher cut diamond ring is considered one of the best pieces of jewelry to own.

Birth in Holland

The Asscher brothers from Holland first invented this cut. These guys were also known for cutting a 3106 carat stone, which held the record for being the largest in the world. The Asscher quickly garnered admirers in Holland’s jewelry market, with its popularity peaking in 1920, which was 20 years later. Then it almost disappeared, making a comeback in 2002.

The Look

Asscher resembles the emerald cut diamond in shape; it is basically square. The differences are in the details. The steps are larger, the center table smaller, and the crown higher. All that achieves a level of brilliance, which the emerald cut could not manage under the most flattering lighting. When you look at an Asscher stone from the top, you see concentric square lines. This is not real though; the illusion is caused by the pavilion facets being centrally placed. The corner cropping also gives the stone an octagonal shape.

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