A Look at the Beautiful Brazilian Agate

A Look at the Beautiful Brazilian Agate

Many jewelry makers favor the inclusion of Brazilian minerals in the pieces they fashion, with Brazilian agate being one of the most commonly featured stones from that category. While it is not in the same league as a jewelry grade diamond, it is worth considering as a stone purchase.

Known for its metaphysical ability to balance the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional energies of the wearer, Brazilian agate is a wonderful choice of a gem when one begins to dread the heavy price tag of, say, an expensive black diamond ring. Some say it can cleanse a person’s aura and bring them improved courage, strength, calmness, pragmatism, concentration, confidence, and critical thinking.

Brazilian agate is renowned for its natural beauty, comprising multi-colored patterns which are highly characteristic of it. Most Brazilian agate these days are of volcanic origin, formed as a result of gas bubbles and saline water having been present in cooling lava. This kind of formation also explains the unique and intricate designs it typically carries. Brazilian agate is also highly durable, and hence suited to daily wear.

Brazilian agate often finds use in holistic treatments geared toward achieving stress relief, through the removal of bitterness, tension, distractions, and anger. Some say it also improves the person’s digestion and blood circulation, also helping with muscle spasms, bruises, and headaches.

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