A Look at How Seasonal Jewelry Works

A Look at How Seasonal Jewelry Works

Read on to find out the “right” time of year to bring out your 12-carat diamond ring.





Winter Jewelry

Come fall and winter, every jeweler wearer is drawn to rich tones and heavier pieces to balance out the blandness brought on by the weather. Besides, it is also cozier having a stack of jewels on you than leaving your skin bare to the cold.

Summer Jewelry

Bring your summer jewelry out of hibernation when the warmer months arrive, and go all out with shinier pieces than the ones you wore in winter. Pair your necklaces with matching diamond rings, and put on nail polish to flatter your fingers. To show off your lighter mood, go with thinner pieces, all the while making sure that the look suits you. Any jewelry you wear should make you feel better than when it is off, so keep that in mind while buying.

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