A Look at Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

When you choose to go with this style, you can either have a heart-shaped styled into a diamond, such as in a 1 ct heart-shaped diamond ring, or go for a cluster of diamonds set in this shape. Either will suit if you are looking to bring an air of romance into the picture.



White Diamonds

It can be tricky picking out a white heart-shaped diamond because the shape needs to be able to please the eye. That means it should also hold clear definition. The smaller the diamond is, the greater the chances that the setting will obscure it. One good way to step around this is using a V claw, which will help define the stone’s shape much better.

Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring

Using a single stone that has a heart shape is one of the most commonly preferred ways to show it off. As they say, ‘less is more’; here too, the V claw can be invaluable. It is best if you stick to simplicity while styling the ring, to ensure a perfect setting for the stone.

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