A Look at Diamond Inclusions

Higher clarity grade assures that the diamond has fewer imperfections. However, if you can bring yourself to compromise on inclusions, you will be able to get better cut and color.



Using Inclusions for Identification

There are some inclusions, which will be unique to the diamond you have on your 1 3 carat diamond solitaire ring, and these will be listed in the GIA certificate that came with the stone. In this manner, you can protect against theft – in the event that your gem gets stolen, the police will know exactly what to look for.

Proving if a Diamond is Real

There is always the risk of buying a fake when it comes to diamonds unless you can find and identify inclusions. The lab-grown kind of diamonds has a different type of inclusion altogether, making it easier to differentiate these from real diamonds. If you want a real diamond with its own sense of uniqueness, then inclusions are the best thing.

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