A Helpful Guide to Enhanced Diamond Rings

A Helpful Guide to Enhanced Diamond Rings

Most people consider color diamond rings as an alternative. One of the best examples that you may consider here is the enhanced blue and white diamond ring design.

When it comes to diamond color enhancement methods, there are mainly three methods: color coating, irradiation, and HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature). The diamond coating method is a temporary treatment method and it is usually done to deceive a diamond buyer. Here, the diamonds will discolor over time.

In the case of the irradiation method, a diamond is subjected to high radiation in order to alter its color. This is a permanent method and is usually used to create blue, pink, and purple diamonds. However, the color of your gemstone may change in the future if it is subjected to further heating during repairs or upgrade.

HPHT diamond color enhancement method is the most desirable option among the three. In this case, the diamond is kept in a chamber and is subjected to high pressure and temperature. Unlike other methods, you can transform colored diamonds into its colorless counterparts using this method. Usually, cheap brown diamonds are transformed into expensive white diamonds using the HPHT method.

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