A Guide to Knowing Diamond Bezel Set Ring

A Guide to Knowing Diamond Bezel Set Ring

This setting is especially popular in the rings having a rectangular or round centerpiece. Even though for the diamond bezel set ring any metals can be used, the most commonly used metals are white gold and platinum.



Two Common Types of Bezel Settings

Full Bezel Setting: Here, the whole bezel encircles the diamond fully. Therefore, it enables better protection of the center diamond. However, more part of the stone remains hidden under the setting making the stone less exposed.

Partial Bezel Setting: In partial bezel setting, only a part of the diamond ring is covered, that is, ¼th of the stone’s circumference is encircled in two parts. This choice will be better for you if you want to expose the diamond as much as possible.

Advantages of Bezel Settings

The main advantage of a diamond bezel set ring is that it is the safest ring setting ever. In addition, a diamond ring with bezel settings can protect the center diamond from loosening and accidental hits, as well as make it safe from damages like chipping.

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