A Guide to Diamond Ring Color Chart

Given below is a guide to diamond ring color chart that you can go through before buying a diamond engagement ring for your bride-to-be.



Diamond Color Grades

  • D (Colorless): This is the highest quality color grade that is rare and has unrivaled brilliance.
  • E (Colorless): It contains little traces of color. It is also rare and has high brilliance and sparkle.
  • F (Colorless): This is also a high-quality color grade with minute color traces detectable only by a trained gemologist.
  • G, H (Near Colorless): It has a noticeable color compared to the previous ones, though appears colorless to untrained eyes.
  • I, J (Near Colorless): Though undetectable by untrained eyes, it has a slightly detectable color. However, this has an excellent value.
  • K, L, M (Faint Yellow): These color grades have a noticeable faint yellow color. Yet, they have great fire and beauty.

Selecting the Color Grade

If you want a completely colorless diamond, go for D, E, or F grade in the diamond ring color chart with a fluorescent rating of “None” or “Faint”. G to J would be ideal if you want slightly less expensive stones. However, opt for a platinum or white gold band so that they almost look colorless when a set in these colored bands. Note that the brilliance of the stone is good in all these grades even though the price may considerably vary due to traces of colors in it.

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