A Brief Note on Tahitian Pearls

A Brief Note on Tahitian Pearls

Since the process to make these perfect pearls is very stringent and expensive, they hold a significant value.




What Makes Tahitian Pearls Different from Other Pearls?

Even though black is a very common color in Tahitian pearls, which is why they are commonly known by the name ‘black pearls’, many other colors like green, pink, blue, yellow, and silver variations of these pearls are also available. The vibrant colors of these pearls make them remarkably unique when compared to traditional white pearls. So if you love to buy a beautiful, colorful, and sparkling jewelry, Tahitian pearl rings with diamonds would be a perfect pick.

Yet another difference between Tahitian and white pearls is the way in which they reflect light. A pearl will never be truly black and it appears so because of light reflection.

Tahitian pearl takes around two years for maturing and its color may change according to the mantle tissue of the donor mollusk. During the process of growing, sand particles may affect the shell, and for this reason, these pearls are very rare. The value of these pearls may increase according to their rarity.

If you buy Tahitian pearl rings with diamonds, you get pearl certification just like the one you get for diamonds that indicate the rarity and flawlessness of the piece.

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