A Brief Guide to Buying a Two Carat Diamond Ring

That is owing to the fact that bigger diamonds are also rarer. As the smaller high-quality diamonds are widely available than larger high-quality gems, a two-carat diamond ring costs more than the price of 2 to 3 one carat diamond rings taken together.

The cost of most products tends to double when it is twice as big, but that is not necessarily true with diamonds. The price actually triples here, while some gemstones of the exact quality even cost 200 percent more. Anyhow, in case the diamond ring price does not really matter to you, give more importance to the 4 C’s of the gem.

When searching for a two-carat diamond ring, note that G color grade is the ideal tone for a larger rock and that VS2 clarity is likely to be eye clean. Besides, while larger diamond may be better, the cut of the gemstone is a more important factor to be considered while buying diamond rings. Two-carat diamonds look majestic, not only for their size but also if it bears an eye-clean rating and a good cut. 

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