4 Ways Oval Cut Diamonds Beat Round Cut

4 Ways Oval Cut Diamonds Beat Round Cut

Are you trying to pick out a diamond gold ring, and are having a hard time deciding whether to go with a round brilliant stone or an oval one? Following are a few good reasons why the latter is a better choice.

Oval Looks Larger

The best thing about oval cut diamonds is that they look big for their carat size. Compared to round stones, they have 10% more surface area. The elongated shape, which makes these stone look longer, does not hurt either.

Oval Brings More Bling

The oval shape is one of those that minimize rough stone wastage, meaning you would be spending less to get more diamond.

Oval is Rarer

Oval is in fact much rarer than round, and since it is in less demand most of the time, you can get it at a really good price.

Oval Comes in Varied Shapes and Sizes

There is no more than one way to spin the round cut; all you can do is make the stone bigger or smaller to suit the setting. Oval, on the other hand, gives you variety. You can choose a slender shape, a long one, or a full wide one based on the look you have in mind.

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