4 Things to Look for in Vintage Style Rings

These usually combine a classy elegance with old-world charm, along with a modern touch to suit the present day.

Etched, Ornate Metal Bands

Platinum will always be in fashion, although for a gentler, more feminine look, it is good to go with yellow or rose gold. The metal band can carry etched floral motifs or patterns, imbuing the ring with a delicate look.

Triple-Set Stones

When dealing with stones, brides in times past favored using a trio of smaller diamonds alongside an etched band. This simple yet elegant style looks pretty good, especially when a slimmer rose gold band is used.

Rose and Cushion Cut Diamonds

These were once among the most singled out cuts where engagement rings were concerned. The cushion cut was originally called the old mine cut and has a unique shape that won over lots of brides.

Art Deco Styles

You cannot just pass over the Art Deco era when it comes to jewelry styles. For brides that prefer the edgy contours and bold touches, colored gemstones are a good option.

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