4 Reasons to Go with Platinum for your Band Metal

4 Reasons to Go with Platinum for your Band Metal

Platinum is among the most prized metals in the world, and is featured in a lot of jewelry these days. Following are some reasons why you should not pass up platinum with diamond ring, if you can afford it.


Most platinum used in jewelry is as much as 95% pure, with the remaining 5% comprising strong metals like iridium, ruthenium, and palladium.


Platinum is about thirty times as rare as gold, with just 90 tons of it mined each year while 2700 tons of yellow gold gets used in jewelry.

Lasting Color

An exceedingly popular choice for diamond engagement rings, platinum does not lose color as quickly as other metals. If fifty years from now you want your ring looking the same as the day you bought it, platinum is the metal which can deliver on that promise.


Platinum rings form an additional surface with age, and this is called a patina. This surface differs with every platinum piece, which means you would be wearing something akin to a snowflake on your finger. If a dull look isn’t your thing, a simple round of rebuffing would restore the original brilliance.

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