3 Ways to Personalize an Engagement Ring

3 Ways to Personalize an Engagement Ring

To make things simpler for you, below are a few suggestions and ideas to customize a diamond engagement ring.

Go for a One of a Kind Diamond Cut

Marquise cut and heart-shaped diamonds are unique styles that will create a stunning aesthetic. If you are considering an unusual diamond cut, think about including a shoulder setting with your favorite diamond shape. For instance, a gold ring with a heart shaped diamond with melee stones on the ring’s shoulder can be a stunning piece. Of course, you can pass it down from one generation to the next as a heirloom too.

Think about a Vintage-Inspired Theme

Vintage inspired gemstone engagement rings feature unique and handcrafted designs. They come in an array of distinct styles that usually hail from the Edwardian and Victorian periods. A vintage style ring can be a high quality, elegant and romantic choice. In case you are looking for one, then consider a princess cut diamond ring with tension setting and inspired by Art Deco designs.

Add Colored Gems

Adding a pop of color to your diamond engagement ring will make it a personal piece with sentimental value. You can choose a birthstone or a gemstone according to horoscope or star sign here. Simply pair it with sparkling white diamonds to add to the charm of the diamond engagement ring.

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