3 Tips for an Impromptu Marriage Proposal

3 Tips for an Impromptu Marriage Proposal

Maybe a birthday is coming up, or Christmas is just around the corner, but there are always a few things to take care of.


Getting a Ring

No matter what some might say, a good proposal cannot work without a genuine diamond ring. A toy ring or a Haribo ring like in the movies will not cut it; you will need something like a 1 carat trillion cut diamond ring to match the momentous nature of the occasion.



Choosing the Location

The more romantic the location, the longer the memory. Destinations are almost out of the question for a last-minute proposal, but you can at least make sure you pop the question somewhere your partner feels comfortable.

Deciding on your Words

The presentation is key, and while you do not need to give a speech, you will need to prepare for how you word the question. Do not let yourself freeze up when the moment comes.

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