3 Things to Note When Buying a Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Some buyers may not want a simple solitaire design and but instead should consider a halo to add an extra touch of brilliance and beauty to your engagement ring. If you are considering buying a round diamond halo engagement ring, provided below are three things you need to note when at it.

The Size

Halos can be either thin or thick. Choosing which halo diamond ring you want entirely depends upon your choice. If you prefer larger diamond halos for colored centerpieces, you can go for a thick halo. A thin halo of tiny pave diamonds will be the best pick for refined elegance.

The Pattern

Halos are not necessarily full of one type of gemstone. You can use multiple colored diamonds to give your round diamond halo engagement ring an amazing look. If you do not want too many colors in your ring, you can alternate a colored gemstone with colorless diamonds.

The Number of Halos

If you are not satisfied with just one halo, you can consider opting for another one. Adding more halos will emphasize the centerpiece of your ring and add a good amount of brilliance to the ring. Besides, halos create the illusion of a bigger center stone too.

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