3 New Things Diamond Grading Reports will have in 2019

One must have to assure the buyer from the side of a trusted gem lab that the stone is genuine, and only has flaws he or she is aware of.

Your black onyx diamond ring probably has a GIA report, which is just one of the different types of diamond reports issued today. Following are three new things diamond reports have grown to include.

  • Automated diamond clarity: Advanced technology lets AI grade diamond clarity at inhuman precision levels, as well as standardizes the process across millions of graded stones.
  • Retailer branding: The modern retail diamond marketplaces heavy emphasis on branding, so that retailers can put themselves front and center in a way that benefits business.
  • Diamond journey: Traceability and provenance are two highly vital things when it comes to diamonds. The latest diamond report layout includes an account of the full ‘journey’ of the stone, right from where it was mined, and all the way to how it reached the jeweler’s display case.
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