3 Great Ways to Reset a Ring

3 Great Ways to Reset a Ring

Resetting an engagement ring is something many couples do to mark their relationship having passed a major milestone. This brings in a new look, and often even improves what was once the only ring they could afford. It also beats buying a new cushion cut halo diamond engagement ring in platinum, at least in terms of affordability.

Adding Diamond Accents

To achieve an upgraded look that you can show off and talk about at dinner parties, why not add diamond accents to the side of the stone? The easiest way is to change the setting that includes accents. Not only would this imbue the ring with extra sparkle, it would also let you hang on to the original diamond.

Add More Diamonds

Another way to upgrade is by turning your precious solitaire into a three-stone. This is something most jewelers can do easily enough, and you can have the extra stones sized smaller to make the main one look a lot bigger than it actually is.

Larger Center Stone

As long as you are willing to let the original diamond go, there is the option of replacing it with a larger stone. This can be a symbol of the accomplishments you have achieved together in life.

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