3 Good Reasons to Buy Colored Diamonds

3 Good Reasons to Buy Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are the most precious objects that you can gift someone, no matter what occasion you choose. A touch of color can further enhance the look of a diamond, setting it apart from the clichéd transparent stones you see on so many fingers and necks. Following are some really good reasons for buying your loved one jewelry with a fancy treated diamond set on it, like a 2 carat pink diamond ring, for instance.

Everyone Can Afford Them

If you are thinking every colored stone cost several tens of thousands of dollars, you could not be more mistaken. You can get gorgeous stones for affordable prices these days, as long as you are willing to compromise on some of the technical aspects.

The Color Can Be Enhanced

Using a process called HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature), faint color can be added to a pure natural diamond, in order to enhance its look.

Their Formation is Highly Unique

While diamonds are generally considered rare, colored varieties are even more so. The latter exist as a result of chemical additions or structural realignment, neither of which happen often enough to be taken for granted. Blue diamonds have boron in them, green diamonds were exposed to radiation, and yellow diamonds contain nitrogen.

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