3 Considerations for Engagement Ring Longevity

3 Considerations for Engagement Ring Longevity

To make this easier, it is wise to consider the following before buying.

Metal Grading

Metals are graded on their strength and purity. You probably already knew that alloys are used in place of pure gold to enhance these characteristics. White gold contains silver, while rose gold carries some copper in it. Higher karat metals are purer, but also more delicate.


Stone Grading

Stones too are graded based on quality. Diamonds, being incredibly strong, are even used in industrial devices and machinery. With another stone, its hardness may not be something you can depend on as much. Check the jeweler’s strength chart to see how your stone of choice stacks up.


The design of the diamond ring can affect its longevity. A lot of the repair that past customers want involves resetting the stone. Prong settings, for example, can wear up easily, weakening over time and causing the stone to fall off.

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