3 Common Choices of Canary Yellow Diamond Ring Settings

The Gemological Institute of America’s color grading for yellow diamonds are faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, and fancy deep or fancy dark. As the grading goes up, it means that the yellow tint goes on becoming darker in the stone.

It is a known fact that the stone needs to be set in the ring with proper settings to make it secured. There are, in fact, many types of settings for designing a canary yellow diamond ring, and some of them are given below.

Halo Setting

A solitaire stone is just awesome, but for more stylish and dazzling look, you can opt for halo setting. In this setting, the canary diamond is surrounded by diamond or other stones.

Pavé Setting

The halo settings surround the center stone, while in pavé settings, paved diamonds accents run along the whole band. The surrounding stones can either be colorless round brilliants or else colored gemstones.

Side Stones Setting

If you do not want too many stones in your canary yellow diamond ring, you can go for a side stone setting. A three stone setting is the most popular choice here, which features two stones of any shape on either side.

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