3 Aspects That Contribute to the Anatomy of Diamond Rings

3 Aspects That Contribute to the Anatomy of Diamond Rings

While people concentrate their budget on the diamond, as it grabs the attention, the metal band and setting are also significant for understanding diamond rings and make an informed purchase decision. Below is a quick note on the 3 aspects that make a diamond ring to look out for.

The Diamond

Reading up on the 4 C’s of diamonds carat, cut, clarity and color, will help you understand the makeup of a diamond and will direct you to find the best buy for your buck. One of the most misunderstood aspects of diamonds is the carat; while some buyers mistake it for size, it actually refers to the weight of the stone.

The Setting

While often mistaken to be the style of diamond rings, the setting is actually what holds the gemstone in place. Two popular engagement ring settings are the bezel and the prong. If you are going for the prong setting, look for a 4 or 6 claw setting this is the best option for diamonds that are cut in round shape.


The Band

Ring bands are available in an array of precious metal options, including rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, palladium, and platinum. Moreover, diamond ring bands are made in a multitude of styles and can feature artistic to vintage-inspired designs.

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