2 Great Beach Proposal Ideas

2 Great Beach Proposal Ideas

Ever thought of proposing on a beach with a 1.75-carat diamond engagement ring on the beach? It would be a neat thing do, not to mention lovely from your partner’s perspective if they have a sunny, beach loving, personality. It is a life-changing question, and some might see this way of asking it as trivializing the proposal, but if you know you love each other and the ocean, it is the experience, and devotion, which counts more than the location. Below are some great ideas you can use for this unique proposal style.

Write it Out in the Sand

Go non-verbal; stay at a beachfront hotel and let her find an etching of the question written in the sand one morning. Get there early and make sure to pick a spot the water does not touch, and which can be seen from the hotel room window. Make sure the letters big, be sure to use proper punctuation and grammar. This will hopefully be the first thing they see when they out the window after waking up, so do not make them struggle to understand the meaning and purpose. Simply show them the diamond ring afterward.

The Classic Mid-Stroll Proposal

If you two are the kind that loves to take walks along the shore with each other. Choose one of these times to propose. Ideally, it is the perfect comfortably windy day and they are holding your hand. Simply go down on one knee and pop the question.

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