2 Gorgeous Twisted Band Designs

2 Gorgeous Twisted Band Designs

No matter what your preferences with regard to stone or metal, this style can be incorporated pretty well into a diamond studded ring, thanks to its countless variations.




Simple Twist           

A bride who prefers something clean-cut can go in for a simple twist, which is minimal and delicate. The band twists gently, forming a detail, while a solitaire stone adds sparkle to the design. Both gold and platinum work well, although yellow and rose gold are good options too.

Pave Pear Twist

For that extra sparkle, a two-tone ring can do wonders. With two twisting bands, the ring takes on two distinct tones. Each band is set with minute paved stones to further augment the sparkle. There are diverse styles available in the market, which means you can choose any metal, with pave stones or not, and a range of paved twist stones, as well as center stone.

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