Things to Consider When Buying Loose Diamonds

The uniqueness is one of the things that give diamonds their widespread appeal. The best loose diamonds will always feature outstanding quality, which will allow the stone to be placed in a personalized jewelry piece, such as a 1 4 ct princess cut diamond ring. Following are the things to consider when choosing a loose diamonds.

The 4 C’s

These combine to form the universally accepted traits for measuring the value of a diamond. The 4 C’s are Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. All diamonds have these four properties, and the secret to getting the best pick is choosing the one that balances all four attributes inside your budget. These four features have a bearing on the quality and beauty of the diamond.


More than one type of certification is available for diamonds, with AGS and GIA being the most commonly accepted. These organizations are acclaimed all over the world and give high ratings to only the best diamonds that they find. GIA is the best standard in the diamond certification scene. Being a non-profit organization, it is guaranteed to be objective, and operates within high standards.

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