A Beginner's Guide to AGS Certification for Lab Grown Diamond Rings

A Beginner's Guide to AGS Certification for Lab Grown Diamond Rings

AGS diamond ringSeveral customers prefer to buy rings with AGS diamond ring certification because they are well aware that AGS is a reputed and reliable diamond grader. However, you could settle for GIA certified diamond wedding rings too, as they are also a reputed diamond grading organization.

The American Gem Society was established in the year 1934 by a small group of reputed jewelers who wanted to protect customers from fraud and false advertising in the diamond industry. In fact, AGS was the first diamond grading organization to release a diamond grading system and they did this in the year 1966.

Today, American Gem Society offers consumer protection, gemological clear diamond ringknowledge, and standard diamond ring grading to individuals, jewelers, and retailers. The consistent and clear diamond ring grading reports of AGS has made them one of the trusted lab grading entities across the world.

The best thing about AGS is that they are working as a non-profit independent diamond grading entity. This means that the organization does not have any sort of stake in diamond ring sales. They thoroughly evaluate a diamond based on its components and qualities and submit the report to customers.

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