Forget flowers. Cancel candy. The most romantic Valentine’s gift is undoubtedly jewelry. You don’t give jewelry when you kinda like someone. This is the stuff of undying passion. It says I’ll love you forever in a small wrapped package. When she sees the box her heart will start to beat a little faster.

Want to pledge your love with something truly memorable? Here are the eight most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts.

1. Diamond Heart Necklace

Why it’s romantic: it’s the ultimate Valentine

A diamond heart necklace is romance 101: you are giving her your heart to wear forever. Bonus points if you have it engraved with your initials and the date: she will never forget this moment. Ever.

2. Gemstone Necklace

Why it’s romantic: Gems are like secret messages, symbolism makes them meaningful

Give emeralds for love, rubies for passion, and sapphires to say you’ll always be true. Royal amethyst says she is your queen, aquamarine ensures a happy relationship and blue topaz says that there are blue skies ahead. Or choose your birthstone or her birthstone to personalize your gift. Since amethyst is February’s gem, amethyst is the perfect way to always remember this Valentine’s Day.

3. Diamond Stud Earrings

Why they are romantic: Diamond studs are forever earrings

Diamond studs are the earring equivalent of an engagement ring. She’ll wear them for the rest of her life. You can go classic, with prong settings or modern with sleek bezels that frame the gems. We have a diamond stud builder so you can customize every detail. We also have fashionable diamond studs with behind the ear jackets to combine forever with the latest trends.


4. Key Necklace

Why it’s romantic: Give the key to your heart

What could be more romantic than giving her a sparkling key to your heart? A gemstone key necklace is the perfect Valentine to treasure forever. It’s a pledge of forever she can wear every day close to her heart.

5. Pearl Earrings

Why they are romantic: Pearls are the symbol of perfection

There’s something about the glow of pearls next to your skin that makes a woman feel beautiful. That’s why brides often choose pearl earrings for their wedding day. She can feel that glow every day with classic pearl earrings. These flawless shining spheres are the symbol of perfection, so they are the perfect Valentine’s Gift for the one who’s your perfect match.


6. Gemstone Earrings

Why they are romantic: They say you know her

What’s her favorite color? What gem will match her favorite dress or her grandmother’s ring? When’s her birthday? When you choose colored gemstone earrings, you are telling her that you know what she’ll like. Nothing is more romantic than someone who cares enough to pay attention. Did she one tell you that she loves sky blue? Blue topaz earrings will show that she’s important to you and that you listen.


7. Diamond Necklace

Why it’s romantic: She’ll wear it every day close to her heart

A diamond necklace is the first thing she’ll put on and the last thing she’ll take off. It becomes part of her because it’s worn right on her skin, close to her heart. It’s intimate, just like love. When she wears it, she’ll fell close to you no matter how far apart you are.


8. Diamond Hoops

Why they are romantic: A never-ending circle of diamonds is forever squared

After diamond studs, diamond hoops are the second most classic earring silhouette. Large diamond hoops are red-carpet glamorous. Small ones are business polished. Either way, they are a stylish always appropriate choice. The hoop is an unending circle, like a wedding ring too. How does one earring style manage to be wildly stylish and super romantic? That’s the magic of diamond hoops.