Everyone agrees that the very best holiday gifts come in small packages! Celebrate the season and make it memorable with a gift of jewelry. Jewelry is the most romantic holiday gift because wearing it is a constant reminder of the person who gave it to you.

And a luxurious gift of jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are the top ten holiday jewelry gifts of 2019. All are less than $1000, except for the diamond studs and diamond bracelets, and most are less than $700.

1. Diamond Moon and Stars Necklace

Celestial themed jewels are so romantic: who wouldn’t want to give the moon and the stars? This layered Diamond Moon and Stars Necklace lets you do that in style, with sparkling diamond pave and a fashionable layered silhouette. It’s delicate but still makes a statement.

2. Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Pearl studs are classic. But even better are luxurious pearl and diamond earrings. Pearl and diamond studs that drop off the ear with a couple of diamonds are just as classic as studs but have a fresh new twist. We especially love double pearl and diamond earrings that are timelessly glamorous. And beautiful Tahitian pearl diamond huggie earrings are perfect for work and also a night out. The girl with the pearl earring never looked so stylish.

3. Diamond Stud Earrings

Does she have a pair of diamond stud earrings? If not, your holiday shopping is over! Diamond studs are the foundation of a fine jewelry wardrobe. She’ll wear them thousands of times, making them cheaper than a coffee habit (and much more sparkly.) If her style is more fashion forward then classic, diamond front-back earrings with a diamond stud with a stylish pave fan behind the ear are business in the front party in the back. They can also be worn as traditional studs for even more versatility.

4. Diamond Heart Necklace

For the ultimate romantic holiday gift, choose a diamond pave heart necklace. This double heart has a secret message of love inside that will melt her heart (and you can also engrave your initials on the back. She’ll wear it every day close to her heart.

5. Pave Stud Earrings

These cute diamond pave stud earrings are so comfortable to wear, she might never take them off. We love the classic look of the round diamond pave studs. And the diamond shaped diamond pave studs are so adorable they are perfect for everyone on your list who’s super!

6. Amethyst Necklace

Lovely lavender amethyst looks even more beautiful in warm rose gold. An amethyst and rose gold trio necklace layers beautifully and matches her whole wardrobe. A glamorous emerald cut amethyst solitaire necklace has an Art Deco flair. Both are especially perfect if she’s born in February. We have a birthstone collection for a necklace with a personal collection.

7. Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

With the beautiful sky blue of a summer afternoon, these blue topaz dangle earrings immediately make you smile. The vivid color of the dancing gems is like sunlight on a swimming pool.

8. Sapphire and Diamond Evil Eye Necklace

Everyone could use a little extra luck, especially if it comes in the form of a beautiful sapphire and diamond evil eye necklace. It’s adjustable so you can layer it with other necklaces. We love this worn with other symbols in the perfect personal mix of talismans.

9. Diamond Bar Necklace

A diamond bar necklace is a classic. But what’s even better is a diamond bar necklace with a twist. The Diamond Mosaic Bar Necklace has a beautiful unique pattern of round and baguette diamonds. The rose gold pave diamond and spikes bar necklace has an edgy look that makes a fashion statement. And the asymmetrical diamond pave half bar necklace is an artful geometric pattern that’s unexpected. All three have a lot of style despite a simply classic silhouette.


10. Diamond Tennis Bracelet or Bangle

The ultimate holiday gift is a diamond tennis bracelet, luxurious sparkling links of diamonds that encircle the wrist in brilliance. To circle your wrist in diamonds, several carats are required. This diamond tennis bracelet is a beautiful example set with almost three carats of fine diamonds. For a diamond bracelet that’s more delicate, consider a rose gold hinged pave diamond bangle or a yellow gold diamond bangle. The shape of the bangle hugs the wrist tight enough that it doesn’t flip around so you can put all the diamonds on one side, making it more affordable too. Both silhouettes are classics that she’ll enjoy wearing for a lifetime of sparkle.