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Why Settle for Engagement Rings with Bezel Diamond Setting?

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This is because modern diamond engagement ring styles and settings have the ability to make their engagement rings look a little bit unique and unconventional. So, if your loved one is looking for such a ring, then it is best to look for an engagement ring with a bezel diamond setting.

Couples who are new to the word of diamond ring shopping might not really know what a bezel diamond setting actually is. In a diamond bezel setting, the center stone of your engagement ring will be surrounded by a metal rim. Most of the retro-inspired diamond engagement rings available in the market contain the bezel diamond setting.

The best thing about the bezel diamond setting is that it offers greater protection to the center stone and safeguards it from chopping, breaking, and loosening from the placement. So this diamond ring setting is the best choice for jewelry featuring marquise and oval cut diamonds because the sharp edges of such stones will be exposed to external factors, which makes them prone to accidental chips and damages.

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