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Why Resizing a Ring with a Pearl Costs More?

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Recently though, your finger has grown in size, so you take it to a jeweler for resizing. However, you see that they charge a lot more than any of your friends had to pay for resizing their rings.


Why Does it Cost More?

In a nutshell, the studded pearl makes all the difference. The heat from a flame could easily burn a pearl, considering it is organic in nature. If not that, it could form cracks or even warp; neither of these things is a possibility with jewelry diamonds.

What Resizing Entails

  • The pearl needs to be removed and the old glue removed from the “seat”. 
  • A peg may be added at this point if there is no one there already. This is a thin metal post that would stretch into the center of the pearl.
  • Reshanking is done to enhance the strength of the band, which in this case means adding more gold.
  • The pearl is fitted back in place, after applying the right amount of glue.
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