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Why Platinum is an Expensive and Valuable Metal of Choice for Jewelry?

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Platinum rings are expensive than most of the other precious metal counterparts found in the market. It is a known fact that, unlike gold, more of pure platinum is used to make jewelry. In fact, to be even sold as platinum jewelry, it has to be 95 percent pure.




Platinum was the precious metal of choice especially for fine jewelry until the twentieth century’s earlier part. During the World War period, it was specifically reserved for military use only, a reaffirmation of how durable the metal is. Back then, gold took over as the popular option for a few years in platinum’s absence, only for it to come back into the jewelry market too and take back the lead position.

The metal has a soft, silvery hue. It is an extremely dense and a naturally white metal, which is rarer than gold and heavier than 14k gold. It does not oxidize or tarnish, although platinum engagement rings can be scratched and become dull due to wear, which will then necessitate re-coating or polishing as per the requirement.

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