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Who Can Wear a Diamond Pave Wedding Ring?

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Apart from the 4 C’s of the diamond, you must give special attention to the diamond ring settings of your wedding ring too.

Usually, a wedding ring features a metal band that is entirely embellished with melee diamonds. The ring is designed in such a way so as to complement the diamond engagement rings. In a diamond pave wedding ring though, tiny diamonds are tightly packed on the band to create an illusion of a continuous shine. The gemstones in a pave diamond ring are secured by means of the tiny grooves on the band as well as mini prongs.

If you wanted to trim down the diamond ring cost, you can opt to pave a ring only up to the half or visible area of the band in order to create almost the same impact. However, a diamond pave wedding ring might not be a suitable option for couples who prefer to give importance to their center diamond. This is because the ultimate shine and appeal of pave setting can easily distract the attention from the main gemstone in the ring.

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