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Visible Difference between Various Grades of Diamond Cuts

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These factors are also crucial in determining the 1-carat diamond ring value. Below is a brief explanation of the different grades of diamond cut.





This grade of diamonds is brilliant in with a high fire as the light that enters it is entirely reflected back to the eyes of the viewer.

Very Good

When you look at these diamonds from the top, you can observe asymmetrical patterns of light and dark spots. You can also see the flatness in it.


Good cut diamonds do not reflect as much light as their higher grade. They are much lower in terms of brilliance, scintillation, and fire.





This is also a cut, which does not retain the light entering them completely. Hence, they lag behind the remaining higher grades in terms of scintillation, fire, and brilliance.


Poor cut diamonds are even worse in terms of their looks. They appear dull even when viewed without magnification tools. It is safe to say that such stones are of no significant value.

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