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Two Most Popular Fancy Shaped Diamonds

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A round cut diamond is still the most popular diamond shape as yet. Princess cut just gives people a different option to that.

A cushion cut diamond is another fancy-cut gemstone that is shaped square, with rounded corners. This gives it a softer outline over harsher lines of a princess cut diamond. Owing to its shape, many people describe this type of diamond cut as a “pillow”. That means you could search for “pillow setting diamond ring” on the internet, and you would end up with many diamond ring designs featuring a cushion cut stone.

Note that even though there has been plenty of buzz around diamonds with cushion cut recently, different versions of them have been around for hundreds of years. For the initial years of the cushion cut diamonds’ existence, they were even the most popular shape. However, the modern version of cushion cut diamonds is slightly different from the vintage or old mine cut. Modern refinements and modifications allow for a cushion cut diamond’s shine or brilliance to be amplified.

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