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Things to Note When Selecting an SI1 Diamond

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This would help a lot in cutting down the price of the engagement diamond ring by a great margin. This often leads buyers to two choices – SI1 and VS2 diamonds.

Any VS2 diamond that is graded by AGS or GIA will be eye-clean. Hence, you should not be selecting one with a lower clarity grade than that. On the other hand, most of the SI1 diamonds are eye-clean, but not all of them are. Hence, to be sure, you need to have your diamonds inspected under a magnification loupe.

Oftentimes, budget-conscious people look for SI1 diamond engagement rings, because they are much affordable than the comparable VS2 counterparts. The best method to go about selecting an SI1 diamond is to choose one that does not have noticeable inclusions even under the 20x magnification. This way, there will not be a possibility of misevaluations. There are plenty of such SI1 diamonds, which would look somewhat similar to that.

If you take a look at the diamonds’ grading report, then you might see they only have small hazy inclusions or something but not major things to be bothered about. Hence, to make the best possible deal, it is recommended to look for such SI1 diamonds.

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