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The Pros of Using a Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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The center stone is usually a brilliant cut round diamond and it gives a vintage look to the ring. The brilliant cut is the most popular among all, mainly due to the sparkle it imparts to the ring.




There are also other options like bezel setting where the metal surrounds the main stone in all sides. Here, the center stone appears to be seated in a small design inside a frame of gold or platinum.

The halo has many added advantages too. The presence of halo accentuates the size of the stone in appearance, and hence, generates a feeling that it is larger. Besides, it also gives you a chance to mix various styles and create interesting contrasts according to your imagination.

Furthermore, it matches well with all kinds of hands. In case your solitaire looks out of place on your hand, then round halo diamond engagement ring is the perfect solution for you. Additionally, you can match the halo with your engagement ring if it is plain.

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